Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium (From ATH-M40X)

Hey all,

Just want your thoughts.

I currently have a pair of ATH-M40x's for all of my audio uses. Music, gaming, youtube etc. I am not someone who does audio work for a living by any means. I just love good audio.

So they are $230 on Massdrop atm:

I was wondering, in your opinions, if they would be worth it over the ATH-M40x's?

Now I do NOT have an amp, I am using a direct connection to my PC, which is an ASUS X79 Sabertooth Motherboard, which has treated me very well.

Considering these are 250 ohm headphones, I thought my mobo would be fine without having to pay even more for an amp.

Thanks for any thoughts.

Ehhh mehh.. its probably not a good idea.

You would be better off getting a schiit magni and a pair of fostex t50-rps. Then just mod the crap out of the headphones, and you will have a pretty decent setup for about the same price.

After posting this, I looked into the Sennheiser HD 598's. How about that and getting an amp for roughly the same price?

Depends on how much you can get them for.

And honestly modded fostex t50rps sound better. Every time I hear the 598s or the 558s, I am really disappointed by how they sound especially compared to my older HD600s.

I listen to music that is not dubstep, rap, metal etc. Metal every so often, but not a lot. I listen to opera, lighter rock, stuff like that.

I also game a lot.

Sennheiser and those Fostexs, how would they compare with that in mind?

The sennheisers are $150 on amazon atm, just fyi.

Still fostex.

Now if you were willing to consider used headphones, you could possibly hunt down some sennheiser HD580s. They were the precursor to the HD600s and sound 95% as good.

Awesome, thanks for the input. Not super rich so I'm gonna be really sure on my purchase, but it was great to hear your thoughts.

Yeah. Fostex and used gear is your only saving grace for getting good audio for cheap.

Everything else on the low end just sounds bad. The few exceptions that exist are usually reserved for gaming or for people on a super tight budget.

A decent budget headphone you can find for around 50$ are the Takstar hi2050. You could say They are are Chinese knock off of the dt880 but they are actually of good quality. I got them recently and sound great. Il link to a reviewer that covers what to expect out of them.

I required an AMP to get the full potential out of the beyerdynamic DT 880 Premiums. They sounded dull without using one.