Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 32ohm review

 First I want to say that I am not and audiophile by any stretch of the imagination.  However, that does not mean that I do not enjoy listening to my music, unfortunately I also have to listen to long online lectures that are being given by my professors as well.  With all of this said, I listen to most of my music on my phone, and lectures on my laptop.  Because of this I bought the 32ohm versions of the headphones.  I must say that both devices have pushed them with ease and have had plenty of power to make the loud enough that they can become distracting to other people sitting across the room.  As my nephew put it "they should great as speakers much less as headphones".  The music has been very clean and clear, there has not been any hint of distortion with any of the bass, and the highs are always clear and perfectly reproduced.  To me the headphones have a very flat sound curve to them, which you would expect from a reference set of headphones, but they are still very fun to listen to, they do not take away from the excitement from a low rumbling bass explosion, and the cymbals are always very active in the background with out sounding tingy, being over powering.  The mids, are perfectly reproduced, between the openness of the DT-770 Pros and the clean reproducing of sound, I almost feel like I am listening to the lecture live, instead of watching a recoding.  
      The comfort, I wish i had something to compare them to but, to me is outstanding.  I am not someone that has owned a set of headphones, so I have not worn a set other than these for any length of time, so I don't know how these would feel when compared to another brand.  However, it must be said that for someone that does not have any experience and no expectations about what to expect from them.  I can openly say they are comfortable to the point that within minutes they are forgotten about and its not until you go to stand up and rip the cord out of the computer that you remember that you have them on.  
      The down side to these is the cord.  The cord is not detachable and is short.  It may be 5' in length, if your luck.  So keep that in mind if your looking for a gaming set.  However since this is the 32ohm and they are designed to be mobile thats almost the perfect length for me and I have no complaints.  The other issue is the ear pads.  While the factory attached leather pads are supple and soft.  I do wish that they would have came with the valor pads as well.  I will be buying these because everyone says they are like little clouds attached to your headphones.  
      I would recommend these to anyone that considers themselves and audio lover, or has a need to listen to lectures for hours, and hours and forever on end.  They are comfortable, durable and reproduce music like it was designed to be heard.
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Nice review, but.. Paragraphing? Please. And also a lot of people have modded the cord to be detachable over at head-fi if you wanted to check that out and possibly give it a go yourself

Yeah I had indented for the paragraphs and I don't know what happened with that. Let me see if I can fix that real quick.