Better than Opeth

i assume that got your attention...

the new oceans of sadness CD is amazing:


it's progressive death/ avant garde metal... it's not better than opeth... though i am enjoying this CD more than the newest opeth cd.

You can listen to it here:

nothing will ever top opeth in my book. i'll have to go check that out though.

Opeth's new CD is meh, so surely this can top it, I'll look into it.

Nothing beats good ol' Blackwater Park IMO.


tried to listen to coldplay... but they only play 4 notes... the music is so simple that it hurts my brain.... I go for muse when I am in "that" mood.

MUSE is amazing like best soft core rock band there is even though they go sorta heavy sometomes

Muse is good too.

Muse is amazing.

That CD is good Logan BTW.

I find that most people that like Muse love Cynic... their new CD "traced in air" is some of the best progressive death metal out there... it's on the mellow side but it's heavier than Muse:


Their 1993 cd "Focus" is also a classic.


I'm taking a trip back in time with this album.

I wish I could like them more... but their singer is so off key.

Ahh, you were right Logan. That's gotta be the first metal album I ever liked...

Waking the Fallen and Sounding the Seventh Trumpet is what got me into metal.

You're right tho, their singer has become some show off poser.

I absolutely hate a7x aside form their new album. its ok but god they even failed at metalcore.