Better than $1499 iMac?

Trying out certain builds that can compete or even beat the 21.5 inch $1499 iMac

Let me know opinions please!

This PC is going to be used mainly for Photoshop editing,


Yes much much better. The iMac uses mobile parts anyway so they are slower.

I'd get a 970 though rather than a 780. 

Are you planning to overclock?

Consider 16GBs of RAM, but even at 8GB the iMac is no match.

I don't get paying an extra $20 for the 4770k vs 4790k... but yea... it's brutal, sadistic murder vs the iMac... btw... an i5 will do about as well as the i7 in Photoshop it's not multithreaded

No, I don't have any plans for oc..

then get the Xeon/H97 or non-k i5/H97... take out the SSD and use the extra money on m.2.... FAAAAASSSST

Ok, and this is why I like opinions. Thanks! So should i keep the i7? or just switch to a i5.. 4670k?

I completely for got of the new 970.. i will def switch to that!

Yep, something like this.

Something like this.... extra $50 in your pocket... includes a Case and CPU Cooler now... if you already have a case... then extra $150 in your pocket (or a GTX 980)... plus it has m.2 which is much faster than a regular SSD...

Why such a beefy cooler if OP's not going to overclock?

The rest looks great, though.

that cooler's actually quite small... but it's doesn't sound like a jet engine starting up as compared to the stock one

To reiterate why m.2 is so much better... you won't notice within the OS and startup so much... I mean it's a little faster on boot, but meh... reads and writes on it are caaa-razy fast though as compared to a normal SSD.... this is due to the SATA3 throughput vs PCIe throughput... the OS and boot doesn't get affected as much because its random on reads and writes but saving/loading/reading/writing is sequential and can use the extra throughput...

in short... it's the current Odin throughput for sequential read/writes :)

Ah, it's 92mm.  I personally don't find Intel stock heatsinks that terrible, but sound is a concern, go for the noctua.

I like this build a lot too.. Yeah i already got a case as well but no cooler.. was gonna stick with stock but ill consider the one you included with the extra cash.. and the m.2 does seem like a better option. Thanks a ton!

^^^agree ^^^ with ^^^ DerKrieger^^^

Have to agree with my drunken panda friend on this and my Sensei ... of course ... hands together ... deep bow ... eyes on yours

agree ... the reads and writes are almost twice as fast as regular sata drives