Launcher going away... For Steam?

So o got an email a couple of day ago and never noticed. Its about the Launcher going away.

That much was expected. But I also expected it to be rolled into xBox Game Pass and the MS store, not Steam?

That a really odd one, your wallet funds and games go to steam… Nothing MicroSoft or Xbox even mentioned.

Just comes across odd.

There is also stuff for console players to do.


I thought it was odd as well, since all Bethesda games are accessible thru the Games Pass for PC. It doesn’t mention if that will still be available or not.

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So exactly which games are moving away from the launcher?

Doom Eternal?
Fallout 76 (ewww)?
Fallout 4?
Wolfenstein Youngblood?

Did I miss anything? Im out of the loop since Bethesda started becoming crappy…

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Elder Scrolls Online

Which is pretty much the only one I care about because every time I want to play ESO after a couple months, the launcher shits the bed, can’t update, and I haven’t found a way to fix it other then reinstalling it and reinstalling the games with it (could prob move out the game files before but w/e).

And this launcher is a complete piece of garbage anyway, it takes a half hour to apply 500MB of patches and then it’s not even finished and needs 20 more patches.
Installing ESO fresh literally takes me a day and I’m not even exaggerating.

Yeah I’m not saying they do amazing work, I am first on the Bethesda lol train when they release new elder scrolls and fallouts.

Nothing about the games just the… Odd ness considering they were bought by Microsoft and not valve.

MS has been releasing their stuff on Steam for a while and they probably see the numbers. Noone wants the MS Store and for good reason.

Good for the Linux playerbase I guess because MS Store? yeah RIP that lol


All this tells me is that I can happily by Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield, and Skyrim 2023 edition on steam … which is a good thing :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’d even be more inclined to jump back into Fallout 76 if it was in steam


All games apparently

You don’t need the MS Store to get the games in the GamesPass, it’s a separate app on the PC


I thought they needed the launcher to keep all the money from paid mods+ skins?

Will they do them through Steam, with Valves’ tax?

(Much prefer steam, even if they might not be best for developers)

I’m not gonna get my hopes up… but you never know with Microsoft…

Just as long as there is not a new GamesForWindowsLive service later

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It’s still a UWP App though, no?
So the result is the same.

Well, it wasn’t, but now it is, supposedly. I do know they have corrected the installation of games so that they install to their own respective directory and stopped using that imaging style system they used to lock the games down before, that encrypted the directory structure.

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Also bodes well for future of games in the PlayStation store, if MS are willing to maintain partnership with Valve