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Best x570 motherboard on a budget?


Hi guys!

So I know non of these are out yet, let alone prices. But there are a lot of very smart people here that have digested all the x570 announcements.

For my budget 3700x build. If I wait for an x570 MB at the lower price point $200 and below. What options stand out to you that may be a good choice.

I really like a lot of USB 3.X options, I have a tone of devices. 2 M.2s, Not really much over clocking.

Just getting the discussion going.


Can you tell I’m excited for my Ryzen build. This is my first non-Intel.




To be fair, right now the best advantage of X570 over everything else is the massively improved VRMs. You can easily run an 8 core on B450 if you aren’t OCing.
I will say if you aren’t using PCIe NVMEs you may be better off sticking to B450/X470…
Currently the GPUs available on the market barely saturates PCIe 3.0 x8, so 4.0 for GPU is kinda useless for probably the next generation of GPUs as well…
So there’s that…

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My guess is that the only cheap X570 will be the B550!
Time will tell and wait for reviews but reading between the lines. X570 boards will be expensive. The CPU’s although cheaper than Intel are not going to be afordable at the high end.

I think many AMD enthusiasts that have developed over the last few years will be disappointed. That the plucky underdog with great prices may be stung by the cost of the high end CPU’s and the motherboards that will be needed to support them.

You are going to need some deep pockets if you want the fastest AMD. If you were going to build a high-end Intel, yes AMD will offer better performance and a lower cost. But if you were never going to spend 3000 on a workstation saving 1000 isn’t going to help much when you intended to only spend 1000 in the first place on a gaming/Reddit rig.

Regular people will be much better served by the mid range motherboards and CPU’s. Personally I’m waiting for the B550 boards and a mid range chips as a replacement for my 1700X. Something with the same number of cores but relying on the IPC and clock speed improvements to give me an upgrade. I would love a 16 core monster but I have to be realistic with my budget, and I don’t think I will be alone in that.

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Don’t go for a x570 board unless you’re going to get a newer gen 4 ssd. The VRMs on the newer x570 boards are kinda overkill for the 8 core chips.

I’m personally going to build an itx system with the same processor with MSI’s b450 offering (I forgot what it’s called, but it has a capable 6 phase VRM). It will probably be more than enough for overclocking too, since the 3700x should draw less power than the 2700x. But if you’re not going to overclock even a bad b450 board will be more than enough.



Just go X470. Lots of high quality options for very reasonable money. I always recommend the Taichi as one of the best price to performance boards out there. I’ve got the ultimate twice and it is rock solid.



@noenken have you heard if Asrock is going to make an X570 version of the Taichi? I am looking to purchase either the new 12 core, or wait until October and purchase the 16 core.



I’m looking at the 12 core myself. I don’t think my board is gonna be a problem for that chip.

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@Shadowbane Asrock has already released a 570 Taichi mobo. I heard it is the recommended mobo from a few places doing 3000 series reviews.



If you’re on a budget, the best X570 board may well be a X470 or even B450 with a UEFI update.

No chipset fan… much cheaper. Sure you miss out on PCIe 4.0 - but if you’re on a budget you have no PCIe 4.0 peripherals anyway.

I’m planning to skip X570 even if i upgrade or build another box, until they get rid of the chipset fan (hopefully) in X670 or whatever.



I think you should avail yourself with the new techs available with the newer 570 amd mb’s.

Wait a few months and when your fav mb drops in price . Hop all over it.



Massive agreement… The low end X570 boards around here are 200+ euros. For that price you can get much higher end X470 board with more features and everything…

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Yes and no. Unless you are buying a high end GPU and high end storage (which is kinda… not in line with a ‘budget’ build then you’re just pissing money away on x570 right now.

Save that money and upgrade the board when you need it at a later date. Even pcie4 peripherals will work in pcie3 mode just fine at this point. I’d hazard a guess that next year, you’ll see x670 or whatever chipset boards with the pcie4 goodies (including later USB, bluetooth, etc. spec and maybe even ddr5) for similar or less money than what you’d pay for x570 today - with no chipset fan.

And if we don’t see that? You’ve still had time to put money away and avoid the early adopter bugs with UEFI and chipset for the loss of what? Some tech you aren’t even going to use for a couple of years.



Thanks, @hydrian for letting me know about X570 Taichi. I probably saw the same YouTube Videos as you.