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Best Wireless Qi Charger for iPhone


The lightning port on my iPhone 8 is loose and will probably not work soon. What is the best wireless charging solution? I need one for work and one for home. I would like a stand for work and a mat/pad for home.

I use the Apple leather case which is pretty thin and I believe shouldn’t preclude wireless charging.

I don’t really care about price. I just want something that works well.



Seen if apple will fix it?

On the charging side, i hear the apple wireless charging thing is now in production.

Until then, belkins stuff has worked for me really well.

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No-brand Qi chargers work great, it’s been around for a decade on the android side so the Chinese make them incredibly cheaply. If you prefer a stand as I do, it’s worth paying a bit extra to get more than one coil so you can charge your phone in both landscape and portrait orientation.

I got this el-cheapo Chinese hunk of plastic two years ago and it still works flawlessly. I use it daily.

This particular model charges at 5w, the same speed as the wired adapter Apple includes in the box, while iOS supports up to 7.5w. If you need faster charging, just search on amazon and buy another cheap Chinese one. It’ll work, Qi is Qi.

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Qi is a standard, so really any decently priced charger should work just fine. I would personally stay away from quick charging ones because it makes my phone hot, but that’s just my preference. You can get an official standard samsung flat charger for pretty cheap.



IPhones don’t support anything like the fast wireless charging you get on Android. Best they can do is 7.5w, I assume for that very reason.

Flat chargers do tend to be cheaper. But you can’t see your notifications and whatnot if it’s lying flat, and on the X/XS you can’t unlock via FaceID. I prefer a stand.

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He said he wanted one of each, pad and stand, so I just offered a cheap version opposite of the stand you offered. :slight_smile: .



Ahh, as always would be helpful if I fully read the OP!

That’s a really good price on a Samsung charger, assuming it isn’t a knock-off.

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I own two of them, they don’t look shoddy and they charge at a reasonable speed, so if they are knockoffs, then they’re done really well.

And seeing as how you can get a 2 pack of fast wireless chargers from Samsung directly for $40, it doesn’t seem too far off.

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They used to be like sixty bucks a pop. Samsung chargers were very expensive, but worth it on the Android side as they had fans to avoid overheating while fastcharging. Not an issue on iPhone of course.



I’m getting these:

Thanks guys!

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Little bit more expensive because they come with the plug and cable. They’ll work fine, enjoy!

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