Best wireless gaming keyboard/mouse?

I've recently hung my tv in my room and have my computer/desk/monitor sitting under neath it, and sometimes i just wanna be in extreme comfort and lay on my bed and game, so can you guys recommend some good wireless keyboards and mouses? Also, please try to keep it under $150 for both, thanks guys!! 

tomsguide has a nice list for the best gaming keyboards,review-2009.html 

and mice as well,review-2220.html

for gaming, there isn't really any great wireless mouse and keyboard, if you're gaming it's always best to stick with wired. because of latency. 

Latency is one issue, batery life is another one. I have MS Comfort Wireless keyboard and despite not having good key layout of WASD you will have troubles with batteries after a month while for writing ist gonna be okay for another 2 months or so... Would not an extender cable be an option for you?

I never even really thought of that, but my current keyboard and mouse are still lagging greatly; What would be a good gaming keyboard (preferably cherry mx brown switches)? and what would be a good gaming mouse? For the mouse I don't need a bunch of random buttons and gadgets because I don't play many super fast pace games. Thanks again!

I have a Logitech G602 and the thing was bought back in August. Batteries are still going but I am getting the notifications no change the batteries. 

I noticed no difference between the performance and endurance mode so I left it on endurance mode.

As for gaming keyboard, I am not too sure.

please don't buy any wireless razer products... I've been burned twice by them. the mamba (2012) ouroboros (2013)

Buy some USB extension cords, and enjoy the same peripherals that are on the besk on your bed.

For a wireless gaming mouse, G602 is the only option. Everything else is just bad.

As for keyboard, there are no wireless mechanical keyboard that I'm aware of.

I've just decided to buy some usb extension cords and use a usb keyboard.. Would this be a decent keyboard for the price? , and if not are there better keyboards for the same price with cherry mx brown switches? Thanks! Also, if i got o-rings for this keyboard would those get rid of the tactile feel?