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Best way to store old consoles/controllers?


WITHOUT the box. Don’t have any of the original boxes. Man, if there was a group that made reproduction boxes I would gladly buy them, complete with styrofoam and all. Now I have to resort to this shit…

Anyone ever been in a similar situation? Having to store away old consoles?


Find a new one… Get some box, some bubble wrap if you are worried…



You’re saying that like there are new console boxes left, right and centre. Holy shit.


No, I said find a new box… Just a box… Cardboard boxes are easy to find. You don’t really need it to be perfect fit. You just need it to be a fit.


If I understand correctly, then you have to ask: where can he get a new box / crates ? I buy rocket league crates here, buy rocket league crates , ehhh, Good luck


Buy a knockoff pelican case and cut the foam to size. You can pick them up at any gun or outdoor shop, or online.


Seems expensive.


El cheapo Chinese pelican clones aren’t that bad. Gearbest should have some.


Lots of possible solutions:
Storage boxes from IKEA or a hardware store (or any place that sells the cardboard boxes for moving, they come in tons of sizes), the mentioned knockoff pelican cases, photography backpacks also might be an (expensive) option (you can customize the layout within)

I don’t care that much about special wrapping / padding, but if you do you can buy cheap styrofoam / styrodur from hardware stores and cut it to your needs.


Just get a water resistant box they are pretty cheap (basically just a box with a gasket around the seal. you could ghetto make you own gasket if your super cheap


Yeah, storing them in boxes is a good idea.