Best way to make GNU/Linux a Gaming platform?


I am planing on installing debian minimal when I build my new pc.

Now besides waiting for Steam on Linux or running a VM what is the best way?

I am thinking wine with PlayOnLinux.

Anyone now anything better?

yeah, that's a good program, from what i've seen

Dual boot and wait for better linux support while windows keeps pissing off the industry.

PlayOnLinux is very good. But as of now i still dual boot windows for the sake of performance with games.

Dual Boot. Or tri-boot. Or quad-boot. Or septuple-boot (if your name is Dr. Cooper).

With my current setup, I can't dual-boot my Windows 7 with Linux unfortunately. My monitor doesn't support the resolution that the GRUB bootloader is so I have to wait until I get a new one. :/

do you even need to see what you're choosing? You can always guess :)

People just need to move their asses to linuc so it becomes more profitable! But, gamers do not move to linux since there arent a lot of games available, so who should fix this, microsoft, or individual gamers..... hm i wonder.


But its probably not that simple and im just talking crap sounding like a real educated person wearing a monocle.

Check out Desura while you're waiting for Steam to get their games up to speed.

Also you may find CrossOver linux (not free) to be useful:

You could also try running games over a VM:


Wine will be faster in most cases though... check out the Wine appdb: