Best Way to Have a Phone Number with or Without SIM

I live in Europe, but I’m originally from the US. I have a phone plan from my employer that I can use while abroad, so I don’t need data in really any circumstances. I want a way to have a US phone number to tie my messaging, financial and other applications too. Using my work number is not ideal. I could buy another SIM, but some of my US based stuff require a US number.

I know of Google Voice, but I would hope the Linux phone scene keeps moving forward to where I don’t need to be tied to Android or Google anymore.


No idea if it’s feasible, set up a (VOIP?) phone number in the US, have a server intercept that locally and send the data via Asterix (Linux PBX) to your company phone.

Sometimes services and websites refuse numbers coming from VOIP, including Google Voice. Your best bet would probably be a prepaid Mint simcard.