Best way to backup your stuff before re-installing windows?

my windows 7 pc is bluescreening alot more , recently.
this last time all i did was control w from a google chrome tab

so, sigh. im pissed to the point where i want to re install it
at any rate, i have alot of shit, programs and installations and games sigh

all of my files off the storage drives. that i need to make sure ill have control and access to on the new install
6hdds and 2ssds worth of bullshit

back to the main topic.

how should i go about gettinga ll of my data in order ?

just copy my C: and reinistall winblows and then reinstall all of my shit or what?

sigh all of the danmed drivers
intel i5 2500k
asus p8z68v pro gen 3 mobo
seagate hdds larger than 2tb
evga gtx 970
samsung 840 evo ssd
intel series 520 ssd
corsair keyboard
razr hex mouse
i think thats it for drivers

have you checked from things like registry errors? Dont actually know to many people who blue screen often.

where would i do that ?
i suppose i could go run ccleaner and its registry part

Anything as simple as that could help, also have you tried googleing the error you get at the BSOD

I'd try and resolve the reason for the BSOD first. If you have a simple error to correct then why go through all the BS. Also, the issue could be hardware, if so a wipe would be a complete waste if time. Notate all the codes you are getting and figure it out.

thats a good start yea,
i tend to just wipe out my windows once a year anyhow tho
but since i built this system i havnt in a long time now

it seems the longer that windows sits there the more it will eat itself

ccleaner registry only listed missing links and stuff like that , not many issues, just hit fix all

one issue ive had forever seems to be
if i open my computer page
where you see all your drives and whatnot,
on the left side of the screen there are all of the shortcuts

just for refference thats the page, not the pop open menu,
but on that page,
if i try to select a drive with left click it opens up that drive in that window, just like normal,
but if i RIGHT click a drive on that screen then explorer immediately crashes then reboots.

i can right click my libraries or my dropbox folder or the recent tab,
but if i right click any hdd or ssd it borks

Why are all your drives full, especially your OS drive? Windows doesn't like that. Also, do you ever do any maintenance like deleting your %temp% folder or going into msconfig (great tool BTW) and preventing all the useless programs from auto starting? None of what I just mentioned would likely fix a BSOD, but occasional maintenance like that means no more wipe and reinstall.

Also, my personal preference is to keep all my folders on my desktop so backing up a computer I own is as simple as copying the folders there.

pic unrelated
just showing that screen i was talking about
i couldnt even get that pop out menu, as when i right click explorer crashes
also, in my first post, i said im running a windows 7 system

i do manage my startup programs, although there are still a million of em it seems.
ccleaner wipes out my temp files and whatnot
i run spybot2 every night