Best water cooling kit?

ok so i want a watercooling kit thats around 150$ - 200$ (NOT AN ALL IN ONE)

just the kit nothing else

im from the US if tht helps

Thanks for the help

What kind of loop are you thinking, because you cannot get more than a cpu loop for that kind of money, there aren't cheap enough pumps to manage it. Also, what socket type?

I can't do it, because I have too much a fondness for EK watercooling systems, and their stuff is too expensive for you, because the pump and bay res combo is $104 and buying a dual 120 mm rad is also like, $54, then the $46 cooling block, $12 of hose, $30 of fittings and at least $24 of fans, $17 of coolant from Mayhems... Its too expensive, and you should just get a standard AIO loop or save up more money and go at it seriously. You WILL not see an improvement in performance from a $200 custom watercooling loop as opposed to an AIO loop like an H100i. Actually, the H100i is an amazing system and you should investigate it instead. 

Alternately, because I'm too nice a person for my own good:

Just provide your own coolant of choice and go with it. It isn't anywhere near as nice as EK, but it does cost considerably less.

Swiftech launched a new All in One unit with the chance to expand with it, it comes with a really good pump that will be enough for more radiators and blocks....

Swifttech H220.

Definitley go for the Kit Mndless mintioned if your budget is under 200$, the pump is a little weak but can handle another rad and waterblovk so long as theyre not restrictive, and the RX 360 should be enough to cool your rig ludacriously well.