Best VPN for China?

Hi all.

I've been using Astrill VPN here for few years, but recently they've been pretty unreliable. To add to that, they are not particularly cheap either. Anyone knows a good alternative I can use in China? I know TS guys are pushing PrivateInternetAccess, is it good for China?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for suggestion! I was looking into PureVPN, seems to be a pretty good deal as well. I'll check out iPvanish too. Astrill was working fine most of the time, but I think chinese government was targeting it lately, as their servers were pretty unstable despite the updates. This year is the worst year in my memory regarding internet connections in China.. Basically all google services are banned, more than half of all websites I try to open without VPN do not open, other half is crippling slow. Chinese websites are blazing fast though.