Best Video editors for newbs

1st of all, why don't we have a videography section?

Now my main question, I have purchased a sony 4k action cam for my holidays and general shenanigans, and I want to edit the videos properly, I will shoot in high bit-rate and in a flat profile.

I have premiere CC and After effects CC however I really dont use them often and dont know my way around...

I am looking for a (preferably free) but decent video editor that I can edit my levels, curves look at scopes, saturation, highlights etc... do slow motion 120fps 1080, 4k 100mbs etc... but in a relatively easy package... also editing the fish eye effect the 170 degree lens is needed. With flexible high quality output exports....

I really really hate to say it but apples final cut pro looks like what i need...

Is there such a thing for Microsoft with the feature set I need?

actually premiere would be really good if you took the time to learn it. I literally just figured out premiere and after effects.

I didn't go to a class or read a book on it , I just googled and you tubed my way through it.

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Okay maybe I should take a proper look, I think its just the workspace is a bit complicated atm for me, I need to create my own... I also dont like how when sharpening or doing any video edits its just like "+/- 20" rather than showing me a graph of my levels and a accurate slider like in adobe camera raw... just seems a bit like guess work....

Hate me if you will but Final cut is great to just add video and edit. Unless you take the time to learn something like blender or premiere, final cut might be the best choice.

Hate you a little... ;D is it available on windows tho?

dont think so but you might be able to hack it to work on windows.

I like Sony MovieStudio.
Basic tools for beginners and more advanced stuff for those taking steps.

I think there are the tools for what you need but am not sure as I do have it but not the time needed to learn it. I should ad the 100 bucks price point.

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Cool I will check that out, sure there will be a torrent for that :D

just trying cyber-link Power director now

If you have Premiere already and you are not trying to ditch the Adobe Ecosystem just try and learn that. It will do all of what you need.

If you want to move away from Adobe’s lousy ecosystem, but you still want something powerful then I’d recommend DaVinci Resolve by BlackMagic Design. There is a free version and a studio version. The free one will let you do almost anything in the software, and the Studio version is only $300 for life (basically).

If you need something simple… Not sure what is simple but can do what you are asking. You could look into Hitfilm, or the Sony/Magix stuff.