Best thing for money? 650$

Best Thing i can get with 650 bucks?

Its 650 dollars with windows dont forget that if you can come up with a better build

THANKS :D I like this better


I got the same ram for my first build and it came DOA.

Put a sour taste in my mouth when building computers.

Crucial isn't a bad ram maker, ram is just pretty common to be doa.

But he should get 2 sticks of 4gb ram instead of a single 8gb stick either way to take advantage of dual channel memory


I cant afford that build you recomended that is 700 bucks my limit is 670 at the maximum 

Cut the hyper 212 evo cpu cooler and there you go

Because I am not overclocking do i need cpu cooler how bout this?

I cant even really do that but i can save up maybe?

It will work fine but I still recommend getting the hyper 212 evo. The AMD stock cooler is to loud to bear.

what about this: fx6300+gtx760

I like it but that motherboard is so old and crappy... Can you fix the pcpartpicker links also?

I think the build will be good enough for his uses.  As long as he is not overclocking, the stock AMD cooler is bearable.