Best tablet under $125?

Title says it all; what's the best cheap tablet? I'm just looking for something I can use to browse the internets while lounging in bed.

since when did tablets under $125 exist


mmm yeah, you can get some for around 65-110 Euros, i don't really recommend any of them, i would get something from Asus or Samsung i suppose.

If you want a cheap tablet, then GoClever, Apollo Electronics, TRACER are your options i think. They are all rather weak performance, equipped with 1Ghz Telechips TCC, ARM Cortex-A5 processor, 256-512 RAM and 4-8GB of storage space.

For 125$ you wont get much quality im afraid, so if you have to choose, get something with atleast 512RAM, 1GHz cpu + MicroSD slot (usb adapter gets annoyng pretty fast, if you want to watch movies and tv shows, things pile up fast).

Anyway, here are some suggestions, if you want to go a bit higher.

Galaxy Tab 2, ~155$, have used it, and it comes highly recommended from multiple different reviews and websites.

Amazon Kindle Fire ~159$ (HD is 199$)

i don't have much experience with different tablets, i have used Samsung and Asus, so i have no idea if the low priced ones even last longer than half a year. Hope this helps you out a bit, but really, don't buy cheap shit, its just not worth it.

You can get some great deals on ebay, amazon, etc

Archos - makes pretty nice tablets, it has quality and there is warranty for the tablet

check it out here:

Asus also makes some pretty nice ones, such as the Memopad

check it out here:

Asus Tablets -

It always did but you didn't dig deep enough

Many come with warranty now :D

How big? There's some amazing tablets out right now. 
You're looking at the teclast p78, the no.1 pad mini (ipad clone) and some other tabs, just go to a chinese site about those.

Either way, my personal choice would be p78, but that's sacrificing too much for some. I would recommend you look for a tab with one of these chips :

Rockchip 3066/3188

AMlogic 8726-m6 or 8726-MX

MTK MT6589.

Allwinner tabs also reportedly arent bad, but i have had zero experience with those so not recommending. 

All of these processors can do pretty much everything you'd want to do on a tablet. most of those are a9 but there's also an a7 with GSM capabilities. 

What you need to know is that most of these are overpriced on most sites, but those sites offer security. If you want it even cheaper than you can find it, you should look for a taobao agent to buy it off of china for you.

If you can scrounge around and get another $75 dollars I'd highly recomend the Nexus 7. You get lots of tablet for you money.

^ +1

I wouldn't waste my $125, I would save my money. The quality of a Samsung or Google tab @ around $200 will be 10 fold better than anything in the $125 price range

I just bought a Coby Kyros for $125 and it's on sale right now for less than $100! It's a pretty good little tablet running Android 4.0. I'm not a fan of Coby products but this one works really well and has held up nicely. The reviews on it are really good and I would definitely recommend it. My gripe with it is it's awful speakers. They're not too bad but I'm kind of an audiophile so you know how bad that irks someone like me. It's being used by children if that'll testify for it's durability. 

Nexus 7 is 199...

I'm here in the UK and I just bought a refurbished Nexus 7 (2013) 32gb for £130 (really happy with it). Not sure how much they are in the US, but definitely look at refurbished Nexus' and also the 2012 version if you really want to keep it under $125. Also the Nexus 7 (2013) has an excellent screen and pixel density and also runs the latest version of android. I know a lot of cheaper tablets are stuck on version 4.4 which, personally I would find difficult to go back to after using Lollipop and above for the past 9 months.

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