Best sub $80 router for video streaming, console gaming

I'm looking for suggestions for a good wireless router around $80.

It will be used for online console gaming on multiple consoles, Netflix, Hulu, and general internet browsing.

Most devices will be connected wirelessly.

It won't be for me so please keep the options simple.


If you need really good wifi performance for the money, then try the netgear R6200. Brand new, it will be above your price range, but used, it will  be in the low $70's


it is 2 stream router which matches pretty much 99% of the available wirfi adapters (very few actually use 2 streams)


If you do not need 802.11ac, and want an extreme amount of stability, then check out the Netgear WNDR4700 (I currently use it and have not needed to reboot it in nearly a year (and the reason for repoting it in the past, was a firmware update it is $87.77, and still is the most stable 802.11n router that I have ever used, even more stable than my R7000 (which is still getting firmware issues worked out by the company).  Only issue is that it does use a small fan to keep the router cool (another limitation is that it does not support dd-wrt or open-wrt due to the CPU they used. (CPU designed for a NAS and not more specifically a router)

a dlink 655 is not bad either and you can find a used one on ebay for little of nothing

I have liked TP-Link stuff. It's usually kind of cheap, and non nonsense.

I think this is the router that I just talked a family member into getting for their cabin -

They said it was a little interesting to setup, (compared to what?)
But he really liked the value, and seems impressed with coverage.