Best Sub $75 Case

Looking for a really nice sleek case with good cable routing noise is not a huge factor.

Try the guardian 921

The best budget case in my oppinion is the corsair carbide 200r good cable routing good airflow 240 rad support and usb3 for around $50 you cant beat it.

Here, look at this,7.html

If I'm not mistaken, that case is coming into the market at around $79.99. I know it's over your budget, but I'm just saying that just by adding 5 more bucks you can end up with a better case with better look and features. I personally love the look and the wide window side panel. I'm not really sure if it is water cooling friendly, perhaps something like H100/H100i can fit at the top just fine without push-pull. The cable management in this case is not the best, but it's good enough.

I'm not sure whether this case is already available in USA, but in South East Asia it is already available.