Best sub $100 motherboard for overclocking?

So, as the title says, what is the best sub $100 motherboard for overclocking a fx-6300

I have two in mind, such as the asrock extreme3, but i've heard my fair share of horror stories with overclocking with that mobo.

The asus m5a97 LE r2.0, ive seen a few good reviews on it but other than that, no.

I'm open to suggestions, please help :)

the non LE R2.0 is a much better choice since it has VRM coolers which are needed for overclocking

after that the Biostar TA970XE is a good choice

thanks buddy

does anyone know about gigabyte ud-something motherboards?

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There are no particularly good sub-$100 AMD based motherboards for overclocking based on raising the multiplier and increasing the voltage. (The last part is kinda necessary when overclocking by raising the multiplier, and it is also what wreaks havoc on your budget by forcing you to buy a better motherboard.) The important thing to know when you attempt to overclock on a motherboard, is how many power phases it has. Coincidentally it is fairly easy to understand. The number of power phases is directly proportional to the amount of regulation the power input recieves and thus how clean said current is. So having more power phases will give you more stable overclocks when you fiddle with voltages. In the case of AMD chipset boards, there aren't any particularly good options, as almost all of them have 4 phase CPU power regulation. Which, quite frankly, is entirely insufficient for overclocking the current generation of FX chips. The ASRock Extreme9 990FX board is what I usually recommend because it is relatively inexpensive and it has a full 12+2 power phase (the +2 referrs to the number of phases for the DIMM slots, or RAM modules.)

also make sure you get a board with an 8 pin CPU Power Connector to