Best SSD

Hey guys im looking for an SSD for my laptop and was wondering what yall thought was the best.  Im looking for a 64 gb, no more than 100 dollars.

Depends if your laptop supports SATA II or SATA III (SATA II = 3Gbps, SATA III = 6gbps), find that out and people can help you better, especially when price comes into play.


MY reccomendations are:


If it's just for OS and main applications (if you have an HDD for storage) then check out the Samsung 840 (non-Pro). Write speeds are on the low end but read speeds are up there with the more expensive counter parts. You can get one in 120GB flavor for about $90.{keyword}&gclid=CPTnu_6Am7YCFYKDQgodz2MAtw