Best Soundcard for 120$?


I am getting these:

And i was wondering which soundcard would be the best for the 120$ price range? ( More or less ) 

I do gaming and movies/ songs so yeah, want some help :P

Thank you!

Any of the asus xonar cards in any price range will always be the best. so... the DX is the best choice at around $80, as the next model up is like $170 :)

I would recommend checking out Asus Xonar series. Bought myself Xonar DGX for 38€ and are really happy with the sound.

I have a Xonar DG5.1 and i have some driver problems so im not too into getting another xonar one.

How about the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD?


Sorry to "hear" that.. LOL. Seriously, the xonars are the best. just reinstall the new drivers and you should be fine, and stay away from the open source drivers as they screwed mine up too :P

Creative was god in the 90's, not anymore 

@Bradscoolio Why on earth would you recommend a Xonar DX card for headphones that have 250 ohms impedance? The DX does not have an amplifier.

I would recommend getting this Fiio E10, at that price it cannot be beaten, gives you a descent quality DAC and an amplifier to drive the headphones.


Get a used Xonar STX

im a noob when it comes to audio equipment.

Wouldnt it be better if the headphones were connected to a good quality soundcard than that usb dac?

No it's not better in any way for this purpose. The difference between an internal sound card and a USB soundcard is obviously just the path the digital data is sent for processing. Fiio makes good entry level "audiophile" equipment.