Best Software(s)/Browser Extension(s) For Downloading Tracks From Soundcloud?

Well, as far as the personal project I’ve been working on goes, I think I have found a tool that works fairly good for downloading videos from Youtube, but it won’t work for Soundcloud. With that being said, what are my best options whether they be software or browser extensions for downloading tracks off of Soundcloud? :thinking: Whichever piece of software/browser extension(s) I choose to use for this, I’m hoping that the tracks I download won’t have any audio distortion too them. (No big deal, but sort of important to me.)

Anyway, hoping someone here can give me some solid recommendations/suggestions on what I should use. If I unintentionally left something out or forgot, or if you just need more details, ask away & I’ll be sure to answer back! :+1: Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I have used this one for firefox a lot. I have had no issues.
You can also use this from github or this one as a python library but you will need an api key from soundcloud for those, and the last time I checked they weren’t giving them out. But it could be worth checking out. And If you do manage to get an API key let me know? I would also like one.

yt-dlp has superseded youtube-dl. yt-dlp is the follow on of youtube-dlc

Just because it’s a fork doesn’t mean it superseeded it.

Kinda does when the original project is stagnant since June and the pull requests are piling up unmerged. Last dlp update was September, last active commit was 15 hours ago.

The original youtube-dl is now throwing errors on videos I attempt to get whereas dlp is up to date.