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Best SIP Service for an Individual?

I’m applying for IT support positions that allow me to work from home. I have a FreePBX server setup and I have all the hardware I need. Now I just need a SIP provider.

Are there any that are around $30ish monthly that don’t have limited minutes?


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Thank you. I didn’t find them when I was Googling. I filled out their form asking for more info.

Hmm, fluent steam wont provide just the sip trunk. They want to host the pbx server

That was the issue I found. Most companies want you to pay for PBX Hosting. Even when they run freepbx.

Hey, @Ethernet_Warrior Have you contated your telephone provider, to see if they will supply a sip truck? My telephone provider will.

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I hadn’t thought of that. Good idea. I’ll call them Monday morning

@Ethernet_Warrior let me know what you find out, I might be interested in applying for IT positions that allow me to work from home too. I need to start earning extra money.

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Hold on… presumably you need sip because it’s in use in whatever company you end up working for, why not use whatever sip proxy/service they’re using for their offices?

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Well, this will also be my only phone, so I don’t know that I want to run it through their SIP trunk

Hi, @Ethernet_Warrior did you get a chance to talk to your local telephone provider yesterday? Also, I think @risk has the right idea but I would add whatever company finally hires you will probably have a requirement needing somehow to connect your IP phone and a computer to their network. I don’t know for sure, I have a very basic idea of how SIP trucks work.

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They may just provide you with software to install on your computer that handles all of that. In that case all you need is a headset. They may be screen watching so play your MMO in windowed mode on an off hand screen.

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Thanks, @OrbitaLinx for answering my unstated question, I was wondering if I was correct in my assumptions.

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Yes, it took a few days before they got back to me. They offer it, but it’s rather pricey.

I did some more research and got a few more quotes, I eventually settled with as they seem to be the cheapest and most straight forward. $30/month with no setup fee and the minutes are unlimited.


I’ve always wanted to know more about voip/telephony. If you have time once you have something functional, it would be great to see a post about what goes into it (software/hardware/services).

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I figured you would end up paying between $30-$50 USA a month or more depending on if you wanted a residential account or business. Since you are trying to make money, the telephone company expects a lot of calls so you end up paying a lot more.

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