Best short range PCI-E network adapter

HI, as you may have already realised by the topic subject, i'm in need for a PCI-E or USB 2.0/3.0 Wifi network adapter...

Since i'm a MOBA gamer, i'll be needing a high quality one.Range it's not an issue, i'm really close to the modem,but i can't get close enought to use cabled conection.The ONLY thing i'd need is a stable, high quality connection for something about 15 feet away from the signal provider. Since i don't know much on the area of WIFI conectivity, i'd like to know what are you guys toughts on it. 

Can a cheap whatever card handle it since it's so close?


Any kind of suggestion and commentary are welcome!

Thank you all.

I think a smarter idea is to buy a longer ethernet cable, instead of buying a network adapter. I believe a 5m (15 ft) ethernet cable is $15. If you want to longer there are 50m cat5 cables too! About $0.95c per metre.

i tought of that, but it's not possible. i'm one floor above the modem, would take too much time to route them.But thanks for the help!