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Best Resource to Learn Python

I am a sysadmin wanting to move into a more devops role and I want to learn a programming language and we think Python might be the way to go. What are some good resources to learn Python?

EDIT: Thanks everyone for the suggestions. Now I have a good place to start :slight_smile:

I’m no expert and can’t go past the “hello world” in python, but there are some cheap courses on udemy that might help you… they always throw some crazy sales, guess it is around 10 US$ at those times…

This is my go-to resource when learning any programming language:

Don’t be discouraged by the websites name :slight_smile:

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You’ll need to put aside a lot of time to understand how things in Python work. If you have a concrete project/goal thing you’d like to develop, start developing and ask for help along the way.

I don’t know if they are any good, but there’s a bundle on humble bundle which features Python, I think it runs for either one or 16 more days

There are plenty of resources to learn Python. I once had a several post here on the forum to help people get started, but now there are youtube channels from some who are close to the Python Community:

Corey Schafer is a great teacher, is VERY close to the community He has 124 Python videos to learn from, from installing python on your system to intermediate/advanced.

I have man books and resources to help, if you need to just message me for help

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Depends how you learn best. Some prefer to just start on some project and learn along the way. Others prefer to get basics in by reading books.

I bought above book, it explains some of the concepts nicely, I used it to get a hang of a few basic concepts. After that, python docs, and python source on git for inspiration.

Don’t focus on 2.7 since it will be discontinued within a year or two. Learn 3.7 and you’ll be able to use 2.7 now and again down the line.

Derek Banas usually has very dense videos that are great to

  1. Watch and retain some small percentage of the info
  2. Go and follow some slower paced lessons
  3. Come back and watch the dense video again and retain a lot more
  4. Never be intimidated by any language features because you’ve encountered most of them at least twice.
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Haven’t gone through this video completely myself, but it seems pretty comprehensive. They also have videos on lots of other languages.

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cisco was doing a quicky training thing that gives you a discount on a pcap certification exam, that was a pretty good online course thing, made sure you know the language specific caveats.

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Quite the opposite, I find the website name rather enticing

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