Best Recommended Gaming keyboard under 50bucks?

i have sidewinder x4..but rather have a machanical keyboard instead. what is the best mechanical keyboard under 50?

I don't think its possible to get a mechanical keyboard new under 50 dollars. Now there are a far amount around the 60-70 dollar price range.

oh...well what do you think is the best in those price range then?

Well Well, this is under 50 bucks looks pretty good

go on ebay and pick up an old mechanical keyboard for 20-30 bucks with shipping. it might not be the nicest looking keyboard, but it will last you a life time. the keyboard im using now was made back in 96... still works like a charm.


and yeah, you can find them in black as well.... but when choosing mechanical keyboards, feel > look

Ah sorry disregard my post, im an idiot!

I've been eyeballing the Quickfire Rapid ever since I handled one at Geforce Lan 6, but to be honest, it's absurd that the QFR is 50-60, depending where you look, but the Pro line, which is a keypad added, is 110 minimum...what the hell?  Also, anybody have experience with Ducky branded keyboards? is selling ones with ALPS switches for 55. 

I've heard Duckys are supposed to be really nice.

Does anyone actually know what the difference is between Alps and Cherry switches? $45 atm...and big fucking font too...

Trying to find the comparison charts is kind of hard

edit: through research, Green alps are almost identical to Cherry Blues, not sure about the others

Well I use a Azio Levetron Clicker which I really enjoy. You can usually find them around $50 on amazon. ( they go on sale often)