Best PSU for bitfenix prodigy sli build?

Like the title says, im looking for the best power supply to run 2xgtx 780ti and a 6core i7 all in the tiny prodigy. Let me know what you find. 

well there is no mini itx socket 2011 board on the market, so i think this not gonne happen! unless you talk about the Prodigy M case. .

Edit: XFX 750W would be good enough.

You mean the mATX variant of the Prodigy?

I'd recommend any high efficiency 750W. From reputable brands such as XFX, Seasonic, Corsair.

yeah with a prodigy M thats a diffrent story, but then it would be handy if he names that in his topic title. ☺

We have probably sabotaged his intended 'funny' post.