Best place to start Android 2D games

Hello. i am wanting to start coding a simple little 2D android games. pixel graphics and such mostly text and buttons i think but i would like to transition to 3d games for any platform later. i would just like to know about some good

1. Game Engines

2. Modeling Software

3. Books and video tutorials

4. Which language would be best for mobile and later go to some casual 3d pc games. Maybe a little factory simulator?

I am probably asking a lot but i know this community is knowledgeable and awesome.

I think you can use C# and XNA, which are begginer friendly languages.

Youtube and Google are your friends.


but isn't most android stuff written in Java? or am i getting confused with the architecture of the OS itself...

Android will have you using Java (the language), the Android SDK (all the phone/tablet functionality and usage) and OpenGL ES 2.0 (for the graphics).

There are engines available, but I've never used a single one. Everything I've ever made has been using base frameworks and starting from scratch, so I can't really help there.

But if your a bit novice on the whole coding side, I'd suggest looking into Unity engine. That is pretty good for indies, and its completely free to play with unless you start earning decent money. It can run on multiple platforms too, such as iOS and maybe Android...? Either way, learning that will get you moving into development fairly quickly.