Best place to hire programmers for small project

I have a few ideas for some PI based projects. I'm looking for a site to hire a freelance programmer.

I am learning to code atm, however for these projects I would like to see how much it would cast to hire a programmer to the code work for me. Does anyone have good reputable sites to hire someone?

Also, if say I wanted to sell or distribute the code after, is there some tips on making that clear or some things I should look/ask for as not to be ripped off? I have never done this before so any help is appreciated.

Hi, Just my 2 cents but i do freelance work on People per Hour sometimes - perhaps that's an option to look into? Regarding redistributing / selling the finished product on after, but keeping the code - I know i use certain PHP programs that have been encrypted so perhaps there is that option for you too depending on the language used and type of program(s) you are wanting designed.

I'll look into that thanks!

Its nothing big, but I think there is a market for what I am planing. may end up doing it myself with trial and error lol

I am working on a project right now which i am looking to post help for on here soon (maybe... 2 days stuck on a JS problem!). I have learnt so much on the way which is awesome, but obviously for production environment it must preform (and be security tight).
What i am looking into also is getting to a point where i can pass it off to someone more advanced than me so they can point out my pitfalls but my budget is pretty much non-existent which is why i'd like to do as much as i can myself !!! Luckily the community on level1techs is bloody excellent and i find people are willing to help or at least point you in the right direction to advance yourself which is amazing. Good luck my friend :-)


some things I should look/ask for as not to be ripped off?

Few things that come into my mind (legal note: please do mind that I write only from my experience as being a contractor specifically in EU, and you should thread this only as a advice what kind of information you should research further - especially the second part - about contracts):

protecting the product from unauthorized redistribution
- keeping the project as a service (e.g. service in a cloud). You do not distribute code at all, just allow to rent a service (e.g. google drive/calendar/docs). I think it is best advice but not always applicable.
- have clear license/EULA clearly stating what you sell is only a license (not that it technically prevents from re-distribution, but in case it will happen at least law is on your side).
- aforementioned code obfuscation (but that is not always desirable)

securing your intellectual property when contracting developers
- you need to have a contract (specifics are per country) - in general it must be clear contract that you employ/contract a person or consultancy company in order to execute programming/consultancy services, and that as a result you are given any code/documentation along with all copyrights of that code/documentation. Additional to that, contract should state that any materials/documents/designs given buy you/your company are owned by you/your company and are under the protection of nondisclosure agreement (probably best to have separate document for that).
- an hourly/daily payment must be specified for the services
- your payments should be documented (avoid paying in cash, wire transfer is OK)

Those three points should come together to secure your copyrights (in some cases of contracts - depending of their type and local law - copyrights might be implied to be on one side or the other, usually unless explicitly stated in contract).

He’s right about the only way to keep the code, is to not share the code. I run a company that works mostly in a PHP backend, and the only way that we can be sure the code stays ours is to keep it on our servers. The second you give the code to someone else, it’s redistributable.

How small is this project? Does it have to run in PHP … What do you want to do here? You used the tag, Raspberry Pi, is that the intended platform? Tell me more about the project.

I have a client who uses Upwork. It says “US Based” but the programers they hired were from Russia and India (very cheap), so I don’t know how that’s enforced…

I recommend hiring one programmer to do the coding and another to audit it unless you are savvy enough to look it over yourself.

I’m not sure about licensing and stuff, but I’m sure there’s some provision for it on Upwork. Take a look.

I could maybe help you!

I’m cheap and I know stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Please let me know if you are interested and have not found someone. I also have experience with Raspberry and Arduino projects.

Well, if this project still lives, I could maybe help too :slight_smile:. For the record, I have also been employed through Upwork but I don’t live in the US. The only (verbal) agreement I had with my employer was that I didn’t publish the exact code in github or somewhere publicly available (it was a web scraper tho, so maybe if it were something more important there would be more legal stuff to do).