Best place to get keycaps

has anyone heard of are they safe an legit

im looking to get a set of ABS Doubleshot Typewriter Black and White keycaps

an has anyone tried ordering from PNKStuff on etsy im looking to try getting a set of ther

Typewriter Style Keycap Set any idea how long that might take from china or is ther a us distributor

Can’t say that I’ve looked at that particular store, but there are a TON of sites that sell keycaps. Taihoa is a well known keycap maker, GMK, JWK, etc. The stores that sell the caps are another matter. If you find a set you like on one store, google it and try to find it somewhere else and compare prices.

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thanks all do that

There are tons of places to get caps. Almost all of the creators I mentioned in the other thread about a keyboard yesterday all have affiliate links to some one or another that sells reputable products. Be sure to check their video descriptions for links.

Aliexpress is a good place to get many types of keycaps, i got my fake GMKs there

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Yeah so far I have been getting most my caps from Aliexpress. While I would like to credit the original creators of the designs the rest of the markup for “official” is just dumb. I am not paying $300 for key caps.


is ther any good place to get custom made low profile backlit keycap

Best? Not really. It’s a chase around the internet to find some you like and then find the best price on them.