Best place to customize a laptop?

Looking to customize a laptop for my upcoming 6 month deployment (FML) and i wanna get a decent laptop before I go... can anyone suggest a good website to customize a laptop, hopefully one with some good sales going on, or is my best bet to just find a decently prebuilt one on newegg? Looking for best bang for my buck, probably in the 700-1200$ range. I know laptops aren't on par with desktops as far as price=performance but I cant really bring a desktop and I think it would be nice to have a good performance laptop for rendering/side projects and for the deployment and the many many out of town trips I go on. 


Thank you :D

give a try 

Thumbs up for xoticpc. I almost bought a Sager from that website. They make good videos on YouTube as well.

Would it be more cost effective than just buying one with the specs that I want off newegg?

yeah. saeger is amazing. my friend has a custom saeger. it's got a desktop i7, 16g of ram, and he has 3 hard drives, ssd boot drive, and 2 hdd's in raid 1. has a nice, big screen, at least, for a laptop.