Best place to buy in the uk?

So i was using the us version of pcpartpicker of pcpartpicker and this is what i got:

i converted it into pounds and the build cost £575

However this is what i got with the uk version:

is this because uk shops dont stock these products and if so can i ship them to the uk or will it cost more also thinking of changing the case to the zalman z11 plus. Should i change the case?

Yea the uk get screwed for hardware and us sites wont deliver here. As far as the case they have the same features just diffrent visual style which is just personal perference so maby?

Oh ok looks like ima wait till the sales ive only got £550

£43 for that G-skill, just change to corsair or patriot 8 GB 1600Mhz RAM is £32

Try a build with even with the shipping it should work out cheaper than amazon uk, etc.

ok thanks will do when i get back from school :)