Best PC Gaming Headset under $100

I'm currently using a crappy Xbox 360 bluetooth headset that I have to use it with a controller connected to it. Needless to say it's total shit and I'm looking for a new one.

My only criteria is that I don't want to spend more than $100 (US) on it. Any suggestions?

Steelseries Siberia V2, it is used by professional gamers (NiP, professional CSGO players...)!

Are those the headphones that are frequently used on The Wan Show?


Amazon has them for 79.99. Interesting.

Anyone else have any first hand experience with these or other headphones that you'd recommend?

No the headsets on The Wan Show are Razer Kraken Pros.

Don't get siberias, they are terrible. I've had Siberia V2s,  Razer Carcharias, GameCom 780s and they are all so bad it's surprising how people actually pay that much money for them. Grab a pair of decent headphones with a clip on mic. Check this out, $50-100 tier range 

Btw I use ATH AD700 for gaming and they're amazing. I use Sennheiser HD595 for music.


Also, NiP is sponsored by Steelseries, they're paid to use them. ^-^

Thanks for the input! I already have some AKG k240, maybe I'll just look for a desktop mic...