Best $/page workgroup laser printer?

I need to find the best Cost per page network laser printer for under $300.
It need to be reliable. There is no requirement for it to be an MFP but that would be nice. It must be B/W it is going in a computer lab for college students so it needs to be able to handle a large volume of prints. Toner should last several thousand pages. Preferably 10k+.

Reliable, good ratings and less than $300. NO Wifi. Must be CAT5/LAN. Need to be compatible with Linux.
In the USA.

I don’t have a lot of knowledge about printers, but from what I gather, you’ll definitely not get 10k pages per toner in any $300 monochrome laserprinter, more like 1k-3k. Also, you won’t get the stated amount of prints anyway. Most manufacturers’ numbers is with 5% coverage, while your typical print is 10-15% coverage, so you can go ahead and divide by at least 3.

I work on Kyocera, HP and Lexmark printers. The Kyocera workgroup monochrome printers easily get 10k plus pages. These are small, desktop sized ones.

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Although, the FS-1350DN gets 7200 pages per toner. The Toner costs ~$20. The CPP is: $0.0027777777777778
The printer on the other hand new costs $600 on Amazon.

^—This. That being said, the Samsungs are my favourite B&W lasers. Have had 3 for some years now, no issues.

This will be more difficult to find. Might have to remove an internal antenna. This one is local only:

im not meaning on wifi period. Just not wifi only networking. The current brother has USB and wifi only.

A Brother printer Im looking at now that is ~$150 has a extra high yield toner that outputs 12k pages for $105. the Cost Per Page is $0.01

Model number? I might be interested if it really does that many pages…

I’m going to go ahead and say it probably doesn’t exist. The market for a monochrome Ethernet printer under $300 would be very small. Ethernet is enterprise and old people. Wifi and USB are soccer moms and college students the market for a $300 printer.

then you are clearly not up on tech.


^^ 12k pages

I gotta vouch for Brother BIG time. Use to sell printers years ago, and Brother monochrome lasers are nothing short of workhorses. I pushed people towards them because everyone would always end up LOVING them. Ended up getting my grandpa one YEARS ago, and it literally lasted him until the day he died. I’m still rocking one I bought years ago, NO issues. Seriously can’t speak highly enough about them.

The HL-L6200DW was actually going to be the exact printer I was going to recommend for you!


Yeah, the MFP 6900 one is the odd bird. It costs $243 on Newegg but if you go to Amazon it costs $699.

The baller thing is that both printers support the TN880 and TN890 toner.
The TN880 goes for ~$105 and outputs up to 12k pages
The TN890 goes for ~$139 and outputs up to 20k pages
Those prices are using Brother Branded toner.
If I were to use 3rd party toner, I could get a 2 pack of the TN890 toner (20k pages per toner) for ~$47

The Drum unit is good for 50,000 pages

I have one of the brother USB models that uses that exact toner cartridge, I use it to print report binders at school. The cartridge didn’t even last me a semester never mind a computer lab worth of students or 12k pages.

Did you happen to have it on Toner Save mode?

Probably the toner cartridge that comes with them. I got my wife one of these (shes a teacher) and its been going strong for a few years now. I dont think she prints that much but its at least paid for itself in black ink cartridges. The only complaint I have about the brother that I have is the menus can be a real pain in the ass, once configured though its not a problem.

It’s on by default for all the programs I use but I may have printed a few hundred covers or images at higher than draft quality with it turned off per cartridge. I would estimate at most it was 7k-9k sheets given the amount of paper I went through. So at best 12k is an outlying upper limit rather than a mid range value seeing as I have been at school for 9 semesters and used up 7 extra capacity cartridges and the cartridge it came with never having a cartridge last more than a month or so into the second semester of a given year. With toner saving mode on it essentially prints in a dark grey as opposed to the black of a color printer.

I have found over the years of using Brother laser printers that You have to set the Toner save mode on the printer itself not just on the software you are using. If you log into the web interface of the printer and login as admin, you can make the change on the printer itself. Then it should take.

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Great tip thanks