Best over ear headphone for under 200$?

I need recommendations for over ear headphones for under 200$

I've been looking at the Sennheiser HD 598 but I am not sure what i want. Any help?

If you can please keep the price around 150ish but if you must you can go up to 200. 


I've got a small stable of headphones (ATH-M50, HD558, HE-400, as well as some in-ears) and so far the HD558's are my favorite.  Haven't tried the 598's myself, but the general consensus is that they're a bit lighter on the bass than the 558's, which I already find a bit light on the bass for my taste, but YMMV.  Supposedly they're a bit clearer overall, but again, I haven't tried them, so take that with a grain of salt.

I think the M50's are over-hyped.  They're definitely good cans, but I don't know if they deserve their reputation of being "budget-kings" when the 558's can be picked up for under $100.

The HE-400's are out of your price range unless you don't mind looking around for a good used pair, but they're the most bass-heavy cans I've got (and still not that bass-heavy at that), and are a really unique pair of cans.  I don't know how to describe it properly, but there's definitely something very alluring about them.

It would help a lot to know what you plan to use them for, your music preferences, etc., but my overall recommendation is the HD558's or the HD598's.  Interested to see what other people think.

They mostly would be for at home use, such as listening to music, gaming, and talking to friends. My music preferences are usually melodic type metal and some random stuff. Thanks for the advice I will probably go for the 598's. Oh and do you think the price difference between the 558 and 598 are worth it? Like is the sound on  the 558s good enough?

Actually, just found out that the Amazon sale for the 558's just ended.  They're currently back at $150, but you can still find them in near-mint condition on ebay for under $100.

the 598s are currently cheaper than the 558s... woah

still going with these, $130 ish great sound and quality, and with a $30mic you have a great headset too

i've heard they are really bass heavy


DT 990 Pro 250 ohm? 

See I really want those but then i would need an amp so... ya. If only I had like 40 more $ for an amp.

I've used them without an amp, they still sound pretty good. You could get them then get an amp later?

okay, would you say DT770 pro 250 ohm or the 990 pro 250ohm?

oh and what cheap amp would you recommend?

Edit: I thought i was in the lounge ill just take my shit and leave

Well I have not tried out the DT 770's yet so I can't vouch for them, but I do really enjoy my 990's. I guess it depends on what kind of sound you are looking for. Remember that the 990's are open and the 770's are closed. 

As for amps, I have no clue. I use a Schiit Modi/ Magni and it is the only amp/dac I have ever used. I'm still new to the audio world. 

I would get those but they are a total of 200$ for the kit

The DT770's are supposed to be heavier on the bass.

IIRC, both models come in a (32?) ohm version that's easier to drive, costs less, and requires you to sacrifice only a very minor amount of the quality.

I'm sure you'll enjoy either of them.  I picked up a pair of HD 439's to be the bass-heavy little brothers to my 558's.  Can't wait till I get them :P

The 32 ohm versions are not cheaper. 

ya the 32 ohm ones are like 250$

Do you trust the connector on the 990s? They aren't detachable so i gotta make sure its strong