Best option for backing up System from Win 10?

So, I built my new snazzy Ryzen 3700x with 1tB NVMe. I used Acronis for many years, but I found it a bit unreliable. Some BUs were corrupt.

So now that I have my new Win 10 system almost back to the way I like it, I want to do a goods BU.

What is preferred. Just the system, I have a lot of external drives.

Or should I go back to Acronis.


What exactly was wrong?

Personally, I’ve never had a problem with Acronis. I always make two copies sector by sector and verifications. I didn’t find any problem at all. It is also good to repeat the backup verification from time to time. Are you sure it’s Acronis fault and not the way you kept backups?

You can always test EaseUS Todo Backup.

On a couple BU that had several versions. One of the incremental versions was bad or corrupt so It would not restore.

I like to BU just thee system and not all the downloads or temp files which can be big. I often see 15 gigs of Lightroom TEMP files.

Have a look at Veeam

its free and works very well with Win 10

been using it for a couple of years

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