Best of YouTube according to L1'ers

Interesting submission, really digging it, thanks. I will have to get back to you after I have reviewed some of the work here.

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Thanks for the submission, I'll check out the channel and let you know what I think.

Solid suggestions, thanks. I'll review and let you know what I think.

As an agnostic practical Buddhist communo-anarchist, I would be surprised to see anything take a further piss out of god. Will review and get back to you.

The legendary Kreestuh comments on this thread, I am honored. Okay, awesome, I have been looking to get into some camping and will be investing in some new equipment for the cooler Floridian months. This channel might help with some creative inspiration in the camping / hiking life. I'll send you my impressions after I have reviewed it.

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Thanks for your submissions. I have subscribed to every channel suggested in this thread so far. Thanks again. Will update when I have reviewed these channels.

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L1T and the WAN show for me. Other than that the only channel I follow on a regular basis is TWiT. Mostly "This Week in Tech" and "Security Now".

I don't watch them on YT though, I just download the episodes on their own site (

Apart from those tech shows, I can't be bothered with YT or any other video platform.


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Well then this post has taught me New things about how to use the forum. Thanks again!

Ol' Steve Gibson has wavered a bit on Encryption, I don't see eye to eye much more with him... Not sure Spinrite works out the box for drives 1TB+

Delet this. thank.


I saw that last video and for once he seemed like an idiot. I've been watching for a few months and have been very impressed with the show and his explanations of problems.

Maybe he is disillusioned with all these governments crying encryption terrorists or wanted to impress the NSA because they want to play his channel internally to NSA employees.

Several months back, he had a anti encryption rant and why we needed the Government to be allowed a backdoor, But he's been all over the place recently.



Lunduke is pretty decent entertainment. Here is one with Richard Stallman


Classic Comedy

I subscribe and listen to lunduke when I can. Thanks for the suggestion.

the one with the rabbit on it?

Thanks for your submissions, I'll review the content and get back with you.