Best of YouTube according to L1'ers

Hey Guys, this is my first topic post – loving that L1 life.

So I am looking for some new tech channels to subscribe to to expand my learning a bit. L1 is definitely a top here, and I was introduced to Lazy Games Review as well in this forum (he’s funny but also very educational). I am not cheating on my beloved L1, but I like a variety of sources for inspiration.

I know you guys know of profound tech channels that can teach you something as well as entertain you. Is there anything you recommend that is not click-baity, paywalled, or begging you to l/s/s every 10 seconds? Also, over-use of the ridiculous facial expression as the cover of the video is very annoying. It can literally be anything, but my only criteria is that the channel has moved you, helped you accomplish something, or even cope with something. (You can add this connection to sharing the channel if you wish, but it isn’t required. Posting a link will work too.)


I’m quite diverse and open, so I don’t care what the topic is. It could be Wood Working, European history, Acid Comedy Reviews, Philosophical, Food and Wine Pairing, Poetry, Life Hacks whatever. The channel just has to have that hard work behind it that you can’t fake by using SEO / Marketing methods.


Thank you all for your suggestions contained in the thread. I have been endlessly entertained the past year and many of your suggestions have introduced me to microcommunities on youtube I would never have stumbled across on my own. I wanted to compile a list of my favorites that I believe many Level1 techs would like. Think of this unsorted list more of a subjective TLDR; they are just OP’s favorites, if that counts for anything.

Kirsten Dirksen
Cody’s Lab
Periodic Videos
Joe Collins
Headbanger’s Kitchen
Philosophy Overdose
Extra Credits
Wendover Productions
Gaming Historian
Level1 Linux
Internet Historian
Jim Sterling
The Food Ranger
Tom Scott
Matt Hartley
The Linux Gamer
Hot for Food
My Playhouse
Don’t Call Me Lenny!
Dw English
SNES drunk
Nostalgia Nerd
Bits and Bytes
explaining computers
The 8 bit Guy
The school of life


AvE - Tools and electronics and Canada
Bardic Brodcasts - Table top games and paraphernalia. Also, best voice ever.
Big Clive - Electronics
bill wurtz - Great audio clips
Brainiac75 - Nerdy sciencey stuff
EEVblog - EE and electronics
Life of Boris - сука блять
Townsends - 18th century foods and reenactment
Monarchs Factory - History/mythology/lore
Soviet Womble - Gaming
The Food Ranger - Street food (China, India, Malaysia, et cetera)


I personally benefit from almost all of them. The different views and experience is priceless.

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  • Primative Technology
    • great channel to calm down. No music, no dialogue, just a man in the woods of Queensland Australia making tools and huts off of the land
  • Winglet

    • Source Filmmaker animator, I enjoy his animations. He uploads once every so often, but when he does the quality is amazing. Got hooked on by his short Your Eternal Revenge
  • Matthew Shezmen

    • I enjoy his art-style and his video game parodies.
  • Now You See It

    • I like how he breaks down tricks filmmakers use
  • BriHard

  • Comics Explained

    • I enjoy listening to him explain comic plot lines in his deep soothing voice
  • Dev

    • I think he is an underrated tech channel, so far everything he has paid(from his pocket) for everything he has reviewed.
  • Louis Rossmann

    • I don't know much about board repair, but I tune in on his life talks. Like his video on how avoiding arguments shows poor relationships

Rebecca Watson - Not sure what I'd do without her heavy sarcasm to get me through the day. She talks about a very wide range of things, usually science related.
Mark Furneaux 1 - Mark's main channel. He does a lot of tear downs of electronics. JFC, if you need help with pfSense, he's got a couple of videos.
Mark Furneaux 2 - Mark's second channel. I could basically listen to him all day.
Samy Kamkar - If you're old enough to have had a MySpace account, chances are good that you and he were friends. :laughing: He does not post very often, but when he does, it's generally a really awesome hack.
The 8-Bit Guy - Another big nerd. He's got a UPS mod that is just wonderful.
The Happie Cat - Does your nerding tend towards programming? This channel is for you!
Brent Ozar Unlimited - If you need help with anything MS SQL Server related, there's really nowhere else to go.
Computerphile - Loads of different computer related subjects being talked about by loads of different speakers, including...
Tom Scott - Nerd game shows, amazing places, things you might not know, etc.


TeamFourStar's Dragonball Abridged Series is pretty much solid gold if you're looking for laughs.

Couple it up with the same group's streaming channel and it takes the sting out of waiting for new episodes of the abridged series to air.

I also spend a ton of time watching/listening to The Joe Rogan Experience. He has awesome conversations with some really interesting people.



Andreas Spiess
Electronics channel. He makes a bunch of reviews and build videos on Arduino and Raspberry Pi related stuff, like setting up a LoRa node or gateway. He is highly technical and takes time out to explain underlying principles.

Great Scott
Also an electronics channel with guides on single projects from start to finish. Solar light, Arduino stuff, Charging, GPS tracking system and such, but also educational videos on how principles of physics and electronics work.

Hacking, pen testing and electronics channel.

DIY projects and security videos. He also has a shop.

Real Engineering
Especially about how aeronautics work, and tells the story of how engineers / their creations has changed the word.


PBS Space Time
Astrophysics. Takes a scientific principle or theory and explains it in a way most people can understand. Although I can't sometimes. This channel is about space, quantum physics, reality and much more.

Sixty Symbols
Astrophysics and space. Interviews with professors about our universe, how it evolved and chat scientists are researching now.

Periodic Videos
An old chemistry professor takes an element from the periodic table and explain something unique about it.

Cody's Lab
Mad dude makes experiments with microwave ovens, pressure/vacuum chambers and such. Chemistry related channel.


A lot of the channels I'd have posted have already been mentioned by others so all I have to add off the top o' my head is:

edit: thinking a bit more about it I'd add the following channels of varying subjects in no particular order:

List of more channels

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Robert Miles on AI.

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PC Modding and Custom Builds:

Make Cool Stuff:

TTL Reviews:


Gigguk on the Anime Zone is probably the most funny anime re-viewer and he makes parodies as well.

Darkmatter2525 is very good as well. Takes the piss out of all Religions.
God's God


I second @w.meri about Ave (FOCUS YOU FACK), Big Clive, and Sovietwomble. I would also add Alec Steele and NYCNC.
Alec Steele is a 19 year old blacksmith in the UK who has incredible video quality and does interesting projects.
NYCNC is a small cnc shop that does a lot of CAD videos and interesting tidbits about the industry.


From the makers community I strongly recommend Jimmy Diresta .


This is my new favorite channel on Youtube. Just a group of friends hiking various parts of the US (and Japan recently). They can get a little long winded sometimes but the camera work and music is top notch, and you get to see bunch of beautiful places.

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I'm adding to the already mentioned:
Life of Boris - Probably one of the very few youtubers I can stand nowadays, he's funny and makes cool videos but lately the videos have been pretty much the same over and over again, I hope he changes that.
Star Wars Explained - If you are into Star Wars you'll love this channel, it gets deep into the lore, canon and non canon btw. I'm aware there are a couple youtubers like him but I like his voice the best.
TheWarOwl - If you like CS you probably have watched one of his videos. I don't like that he's not as consistent as he should be releasing stuff but nvm. He reached 1 million followers yesterday.
videogamedunkey - Memes.
NewRetroWave - For all your Synthwave godness.
Ahoy - He makes cool small documentaries about guns in history and videogames but he's been out of uploading stuff for a couple months.
HotForFood - A nice channel if you want to make vegan recipies.
MusicIsWin - A great, GREAT, resource for learning scales, chords and other guitar things. I'm sad because I had to sell my guitars because I'm moving but if you play guitar check him out. He releases a video everyday or every couple days.
GamersNexus - I just got into this channel by some of you guys. Cool vids, really not that biased (I guess it's due to the fact the channel is small and slowly growing), if you want teardowns this is your place as well.
The Good Old Gamer - Cool channel which focus on talking about cpu/video cards news, games and other things gaming/tech related. Really small community, I remember finding them when they had less than 1k followers.

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RE: Bardic Broadcasts:

Better than Wendell? Will judge and reply with my results.

The primitive technology one really got me going, but I subscribed to each one of your suggestions. I'll update when I've reviewed all of them.


Thanks for your submissions. I'm happy to see some feminist voices popping up. Will update you after I review the Ouvre.

Hey, thanks for your submission. I had been following Jim Sterling as well but haven't experienced what you mean about changes due to me following him so recently. I'll get back to you when I have reviewed.

Thanks for your submission. I'll review these and get back to you.