Best Multi-Window Charting Monitor

I am currently using (4) 24" inch 1920x1080 Samsung monitors from 6 years ago. I am a market analyst and currently spend 8+ hours a day staring at charts, reading data and news tickers, and writing algorithms.

I really want to maximize my efficiency and feel like I can accomplish that If I can fit more charts/windows in my direct line of sight without having to turn my head constantly. I also feel like the charts/text needs to be larger than they already are and CRISPER. I feel as if though my current monitors do not have the clarity as the newer ones and im getting fatigued faster and having trouble seeing with smaller charts/windows.

I am concerned about going to big or having the wrong setup or wrong specs on the monitors to accomplish all this and was hoping you guys could help. I saw a review from level1techs on youtube on the DELL P4317Q monitor and was thinking about getting 2 of these. I also noticed in the video there were comments about KOREAN monitors having the same specs and being cheaper (minus the warranty and brand name) and wanted to know if that were true and to send a link.

If anyone can comment on exactly what the best setup for me would be it would be much appreciated. Thank You!

LG have something on their monitors, called split screen…

You can go for one of their ultrawide monitors… They have huge variety from 25 to 34" ips screens…
I don’t think curved screens will be your thing, since you look at graphs and curvature may distort some lines… .


I think you are making the right choice with a higher resolution screen. TBH you have the only real usecase for a 4K screen beside film/photo editing. Take your time in setting up a good monitor layout (distance, angle,brightness …).

One of the main reasons for fatigued eyes is brightness difference between the monitor and the surroundings (i.e. When you look down on some paper or calculator). Play around with brightness settings and set your monitors up in a way that you have a straight neck and good posture.

(I am not a market analyst but I look at lots of text and graphs.)