Best mouse for $30 or less

Best gaming mouse for $30 or less. Use Canadian sites, cause I is Canadianlandian. And I know, $30 is kind of low for a gaming mouse, but I don't want my parents to spend a shit load of money on the present. Probably gonna go mouse shopping tomorrow.

Answer fast please. Preferably use or or Thanks.

Either the E-Blue Cobra II or the SteelSeries Kinzu V2 PRO.

I bought the Cobra for my friend and he said it was a good mouse, but honestly I would lean more towards the SteelSeries.


The Cobra looks a lot like the Weksi I'm using right now (AKA the $3 Ebay mouse), so I'm leaning a bit towards that. Probably better build quality, too. And I'd already be accustomed to it. Thanks mate.

anker might be a good option