Best Motherboard for the i5-4670k?

What's the best Motherboard for the money for the i5-4670k? I plan to overclock and was wondering what motherboard to get. The only other thing that I want is the ability to run 2 gpus. Thanks in advance!

budget? location? form factor (e.g ATX)?

Budget 200$ but I'd like to spend as little as possible for a quality board with good overclocking ability, I live in the US & standard atx

Low price pick:

Higher priced boards:

Good onboard sound on the Hero.

Mpower is great at overclocking.

All motherboards I would consider for myself. All motherboards are 2 way SLI capable, and good for overclocking.

This motherboard has wifi:

Thanks! And imagine that Newegg has a combo deal with the first mobo you suggested

Even more savings :D

Ooooo savings! lol

well its all depending on which level of overclock you expect to get.

its a nice combo. but don´t expect sky rocking overclocks.


I got the Asrock extreme6. Has mini PCI3, internal USB 2.0 header, and I can get a 5.0GHz OC pretty easily. 

have to say that msi's rma service is exceptional. I would buy a board exclusively from them just for their rmas.