Best monitor under 500 dollers

I'm looking for a monitor with the following.

1.lowest input lag for gaming and watching blu-ray
2. looking for good quality that shows videos without jaggers (blockly looking pixels) in the picture.
3.can look at pictures in high quality.
4. monitor can be as high as 1440p.
5. must have display port.

Thank you for reading and helping me.

If you have an AMD card, consider the following:

Acer XG270HU $500 QHD 144Hz FreeSync
BenQ XL2730Z $585 QHD 144Hz FreeSync with high quality stand and processing hardware

Otherwise you could look at other monitors like:

Korean QHD monitors, X-Star $279
144Hz FHD monitors $200-250
FHD IPS monitors $150-250

2 Korean 1440p monitors

Or ya, one of the 1440p 144hz IPS displays

OR, save up another 100 bucks and get that 600 dollar 4k display they reviews a while back

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