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Best monitor for under $300


So I’m looking for a monitor other than the standard 1080p 60Hz. I’m looking to spend $200-300. I’m going to use it for a mix of gaming and programming. I’ve thought about getting one of the LG 75Hz ultrawide monitors but I’m not sure if that’s the best choice. I’ve also thought of getting a 4k monitor, but I have an RX480 so it’s not like I can actually play games at 4k.

Anyone have any thoughts or recommendations?


Have an LG 29UM69-G in front of me right now. Would recommend.


I like the one i just got Pixio PX329 (not be best color coming from my IPS 42" but size is the sweet spot and high refresh rate) (on sale for like $330 regularly)


I am guessing that is what you have right now?

In my mind a monitor change makes sense in two scenarios:
A - Your current monitor just kurt-cobained itself or is broken / unusable in some way.
B - You want something significantly better in nearly every way than what you currently have.


I’m looking for something with a high refresh rate and/or high resolution



That does not sound confident.

Also it would help if you could give us your current display model as a base line.



Do you want to match pixel density? Are you going to even use your current monitor alongside the new one?


I currently have a BenQ GL2460. I’m looking to match or exceed its pixel density since I’ll be using it for work too.


OK, in that case I would suggest 2560x1440 at 27" as minimum target. 2560x1080 is simply not enough of an upgrade, especially for desktop / work. Of course you can also look at 32" monitors but that obviously will have an impact on pixel density.

You are on an AMD card already so freesync should probably be on the spec list as well.
And try to avoid TN panels since they have usually pretty bad viewing angles / color shifting.

What are you playing?


32" IPS 75Hz 1440p Freesync for 275$…



This is the one I was going to recommend as a good all round monitor at a decent price. 75Hz is a good compromise for casual gaming and the size is at the limit where I would start to recommend a curved display as a must.


Curved display is never a must…


As someone with a curved display… It’s meh. I wouldn’t discount a non curved display if it did everything else you wanted or vice versa.


Acer xf204h, I use a pair of them and i cannot think of any real reason to upgrade


Obviously personal preference comes into it but when I went to 40" flat as a desktop monitor it was starting to feel convex rather than concave! Went back to a 34" UW curved for personal use and have a decent 29" LG 29UB67-B in front of me now but again flat.