Best monitor for $300?

Im planning to get a gaming monitor of @ $300 that can work really really good with 2 "evga 970 ftw" plz link your best recommendation for the $300. Ty

What do you want in your monitor? Is resolution important? Refresh rates and response times? Or do you care more about accurate colors and good viewing angles? Screen size? 

For around $300 I'd recommend on of the 27" Korean 1440p IPS monitors. I have an Xstar and its lovely. 

Agree with DerKrieger, also you have the budget for 2 970's and only 300 for a monitor? You might need to set your priorities strait. Most monitors in that price range are 1080p, which will be an absolute waste of those GPU's. The Korean 27" 1440p monitors will atleast stress all that investment. The only reason you shouldn't go that route is if you want a faster response monitor or one with a factory color calibration and better QC. If you do some research there is some differences between the korean monitors, mostly with I/O, overclockability and screen finish. If gaming the ones with sole DVI-D inputs tend to have less response time as well