Best micro ATX motherboard?

I'm looking for a new motherboard, preferrably a mATX one because my case supports it, but mini itx mobos would be fine too.
Not looking for a very gamer-y mobo because I won't be overclocking my cpu and I also don't need support for ECC RAM or tons of it. Has to be Socket 1150 though.
But then thereš the struggle of it not being very expensive, but SLI compatibility is a bonus, and I also want it to be pretty nice in terms of features.

And also, how do sockets 1150,, 1151, 1156 differ?

It really helps to know your budget on a motherboard the diffrence between 1150 1156 and 1151 is the number of pins on the cpu in other word a 1151 cpu wont work on a 1150 motherboard

Depending on what platform you are looking at?

Skylake Z170 socket 1151:

  • Asus maximus VIII Gene
  • Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming5

Haswell Z97 socket 1150:

  • Asus Maximus VII Gene
  • Asrock Z97M OC Formula
  • Asrock Z97M Fatal1ty Killer.
  • Msi Z97M Gaming
  • Asus Z97 Gryphon

X99 socket 2011-3:

  • Asus X99-M WS
  • EVGA X99 Micro2
  • Asrock X99-M Fatal1ty killer/3.1

These are a few good m-atx board for Haswell, Haswell-E or Skylake platform.

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For LGA 1150, you can do what I did. Get a used z87 board and flash it to support Devil's Canyon if you're using a haswell refresh. If not, then don't worry about flashing.

Got my Maximus VI Gene for $80.

Are you building a new PC? if so what budget/country?

I have the Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming5. The ability to turn off power to some of the usb ports is really nice for dac>headphone and powered usb speakers. It also has sli/crossfire support and a pciex4 m.2 port. Sli/Crossfire and a pcie ssd on matx is pretty nice.
I think the 1150 version only has pciex2 m.2.

Upgrading, as the current one has some problems.
The country is Latvia and budget is a bit less than 100 euros, closer to the 50-80 range.

Currently using a i3 4130, but if I upgrade, it's going to be an i5 4-something as it's not very old but is still pretty good for gaming if you want a quad core. Guessing that it's still a Devil's Canyon part

I us a Gigabyte GA-Z97MX gaming 5 motherboard. It was the only thing in my price range at the time that didn't look completely hideous. I mean yeah, it's red and black and has the LED trace lighting, but you can turn that off.

At least it didn't have the ugly ass heatsinks that are the letters GIGABYTE in 3d.

Judging by the reviews, I'm one of the few people who got a good one that isn't broken. Although upon further reading, some of them are complaining about things, seemingly unaware of the actual features of the board, like the dual bios chip or the fan software

The Asus Zeus /s

Damn, but it's going to be veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery expensive probably

pffft i wish this thing came out way back when, too bad it was just a concept.