Best Micro-ATX MOBO for <$150?

I'm suddenly very curious about these micro-ATX builds, and I was wanting to ask you guys what the best micro-ATX motherboard is for $150 or less. I might consider making such a thing in the future~

In terms of features, I'd at least want HDMI, DVI, and that *should* about do it. I'm not one to have a million cables running out the back of it for several things. I'd more than likely put an AMD card in there like the 8350, so compatibility with that is most preferred.

Thanks guys! :3

Side note: The Asus M5A99FX Pro 2.0 was the motherboard I went with in my build because it was one of the most highly regarded boards I've heard of. I'm hoping you all can recommend something of that kind of value and reputation~

Edit: Yes I know this should be in the motherboards section, and I tried it, but it was very very very dead. Thought this might yield better results~

Simpel there are NO good Micro atx AM3+ boards for powering a FX8350.  so stay with the current board Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 with a ATX case.

Xigmatek announced their new Aquila case for Micro ATX builds, and that'd probably be the case of choice. I doubt the M5A99FX Pro 2.0 could fit in that, being a full ATX motherboard? If not, then what Motherboard would you recommend, and with what processor that could stand up best to the 8350 (For about the same price?)

like i said the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 is a ATX board, thats not gonne fit in that  Xigmatek case thats for sure, but like i said above there is "NO" good micro ATX board for a FX8350, if you realy wanne have a decent micro atx build then sell your FX8350 and buy intel ☺

youve got a Asus M5A78-M board but they just suck. There is no realy good micro atx option for the AMD FX8350 unfortunaly.

As I said in the previous post, I'd like your best recommendation for a micro ATX motherboard and a processor that could really hold its own, maybe not as good as the 8350, but close to that~ Sorry if my wording sounded like I meant something else XD I want your best motherboard+CPU recommendation for around the same price as those two parts ($150 for the board and $200 for the CPU)

im sorry i probably miss readed somewhere. haha ☺

This mobo and cpu is realy a sollid combination, the reason why i choosed for the littlebit more expensive Asus Z87 gryphon board, is because this board has a full vreg and 8+2 powerphase design, so you will be able to get decent overclocks if you like. it has also all the feutures you probably gonne need, so its totaly not slack as far as feutures and power delivery goes. also 5 year warenty if im right..

Grtz Angel ☺

That all looks great! o.o Thank you!~

youre welcome ☺