Best Low Profile 16gb DDR3 Ram

Hey guys, in my up coming build I decided to go with the Noctua NH-D15 and am in need of a good low profile DDR3 ram (16gb).

16 Gigabyte per Kit consisting of two sticks? And which speed?

HyperX fury and savage are decent and don't tend to be as overpriced as some of the corsair LPX stuff.
Get some that's 1600/1866Mhz with CL10 or lower and you're set. Only go higher with the frequency if it's cheaper, the latency decreases and sorta counteracts the higher frequency, giving you diminishing returns as you bump it up.

I used an 8gig kit of this ram and it's probably the shortest I've ever seen. And the price is pretty good.

not realy much of a diffrence wenn it comes to ram in general.
G.skill ares could be worth a look.

Pretty sure standard ram height fits under a nh-d15

The latency is expressed in number of clock cycles. You can easily calculate the time by multiplying the inverse of the frequency with the latency, the product is the latency in seconds.

1600Mhz with CL9 = 5,625 * 10^(-9)s = 5,625ns
1866Mhz with CL10 = 5,359 * 10^(-9)s = 5,359ns
2133Mhz with CL11= 5,157 * 10(-9)s = 5,157ns
2400Mhz with CL11 = 4,583 * 10(.9) = 4,58ns

So: Same if you have the same CL frequency with two memory speeds, the one with the higher frequency will have a shorter latency. CL9 latency can be a longer time than CL11. Since frequency and latency do not always change in the same amount with higher frequency RAM, the latency must not necessarily increase.

Really? Didn't know that. Neat. Thanks. I was just going by this:

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If you want low profile ram and cheap look at Team