Best Inexpensive Laptop for under $700? (Portable, Decent Battery Life, Reliable)

I thought I might get a few additional opinions in regards to getting a lightly used/off lease laptop from eBay or elsewhere. I went to Microcenter and got a refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (2014) with a WQHD Screen, 256GB SSD, i5 4300U, 8GB DDR3 for $500. I really like the size, portability and screen resolution. The downside is that the system board had an issue causing it not to be able to charge, so I'm returning it tomorrow. But I was wondering if it's worth trying to get a working X1 Carbon or replace it with something like a Lenovo X240, X250, Dell Latitude 7240 or something similar? I'm mainly using the laptop for school work, word processing, a few random VMs and work related tasks. Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

if you want good battery look for skylake or kaby. they have a technology in them that allows it to change power states near instantly allowing the cpu to up/down clock constantly based off of need instead of stay at a higher clock speed because it thinks you may need it wasting power. wendel talks about it in his surface book video.

I really like my MSI. It was great bang for the buck, even in the midrange.

Personally, I think you should go for the Dell 7250/5250, with the extended battery and 1080P Touch display. You can normally find them for under 700CAD on Ebay.

The keyboards and trackpads on them are amazing, you can upgrade both dimms, support M.2, lots of IO (and even ethernet, surprisingly!), 180 degree hinge, and just a good build quality overal.

Hey I had bought a used MacBook Air for 600 cad with only 28 battery cycles on it. I believe it was the 2014 model. It is perfect for writing, 11 hours of battery, light weight. I favour it over the MacBook pro personally

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