Best headset or headphone for gaming under $150

I am looking to purchase a new headset or pair of headphones for gaming mainly fps games such as battlefield 3.

these look nice my freind has the wireless version and he really likes them.  personally I like sennheiser the best maybe check some of there stuff out I have hd428s and love them

The wireless version is only $5 more if that appeals to you. 

I have a pair coming that should be with me soon (along with my new computer). I'll let you know how they are once i try them out.

i wouldn't touch the g35 with a 10 foot pole if i were you. They're quite heavy, which matters, their sound quality is nothing to write home about and are usb, which means, you get a single integrated usb sound card and more failure points, which affect the durability.

I'd personally look into the ad700 or the fischer fa-011 or even takstar 2050. 

Siberia V2 + DDS / dedicated sound card sound card isn't necessary even in stereo these things are insane.  

Sibria's cost around 90$ alone and sound card / mixamp should only cost you around 45$ , with the mix amps there is DDS and Astro mix amp, they are the same thing. Don't waste your money on the astro mix amp because it's bigger. They are both also labeled as 7.1 surround sound but are only 5.1. 

if you want some damn good headphones in your price range, get these.


now, if you want **MAXIMUM SOUND QUALITY** and your ok with saving up for another few weeks....



the differences being: the first headset is closed, while the second one is open. an open headset will leak sound (meaning you can hear outside of them, and people in the room will hear your sound). however the open headphones will be a bit more clear, and spacious.

more so, the 990's have a slight punchy sound (more bass arround the 100hz zone) while the 770's are a bit more deep (arround the 50 hz area).

for the ohms... the 250 ohm versions are a bit brighter compared to the 80 ohm version. however you will need an amp for the 250 ohms... you can get away without an amp for the 80 ohm, however it will make them sound better if you eventually get one. as for the 32 ohm version, you will not need an amp, but i have not heard them myself.


i myself have the ATH-m50's... you cant beat them for that price. i got them when they were 180 bucks on sale....

also, the general rule for high quality headphones:

>if it has any more than 2 drivers, it is shit

>if it is wireless, it will be shit

>if its made by some computer gaming gear brand (razor, logitech, cyber snipa, and so on...) it will be shit 95% of the time...

>if it is BRANDED as a gaming headset, you bet it will be shit.

>if it has to do with turtles and sandy outlets that border the water line... you might want to plug your nose, cause its sure getting shitty arround there.

>if it has to do with beets and doctors, (no idea why a doctor would endorce a product named after a canned vegitable). you might as well buy somehting from any of the above catagories.


my ath-m50's have better directional sound than my old 5.1s did.... sound just gets muddy with that many speakers so close to eachother. also, you have one ear drum... you dont hear sound in "surround sound" based on where the sound is coming from, you hear it based on very minute delays and pitch shifts from the doplar effect. if you dont believe me, go listen to the match box illusion with a pair of earbuds.  any decent pair of headsets and a sound card with a half decent matrix decoder will do you fine.

you might think im trolling saying this, or exagerating. but im being dead serious.  my friend got a triton headset, some 200+ dollar one, the same wek i got my ath-m50's. he regrets it.

if you want headsets, stick with the 3 main players....

  • sennheiser
  • audio technica
  • Beyerdynamic

ATH-M50's are prettttttttttty sweeet 

If you want some good audiophile kit I would do what ztrain is suggesting but, if you want some durable cans with a built in mic I would grab the Siberia V2s with an external amplifier (aka: sound card). That amplifier should last you a long time for several pairs of headphones and work really well.

oh, and thank you for mentioning a mic foulds28

theres something called the "zalman mic" on amazing. it goes between 5 dollars and 15 dollars depending on what sales they have going on. (


its currently 8 dollars.


also, since the wire is damn long....

logitech g930 or sennheiser pc320